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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 30.01.20


    Hi there- this our first radio broadcast for 2020! We start the year planning and strategising best way forward in a number of areas important to the ESG and to many in the community.

    Very recently, and on the back of 5G mast applications presented to DPC by Gibtelecom, the ESG organised a public debate that saw Gibtelecom and the ESG present information and concerns on this ever growing technology to those present. The interest and knowledge displayed by many in the audience was evident and the thirst for more discussion also clear.

    The meeting was lively, busy and informative. The issue behind 5G represents a variety of areas of interest/query and concern. Thus the mtg focused only on whether 5G, as is being discussed globally, will be set up in Gibraltar any time soon – and what exactly this meant.

    We believe assurances were delivered on current plans but many questions relating to this topic remain and we are now exploring the possibility of a follow up public debate.

    Look out for ‘A Brighter Future” GBC series that plans to feature this debate and subject next week. Viewpoint is also preparing a special programme on this issue.

    The debate has certainly started – and will continue for some time still. Our view of updating safety regulations for this industry tailored specifically for Gibraltar needs, and the application of the Precautionary Principle,  remains firmly in place.

     While on the subject of A Brighter Future we urge those interested in Gibraltar’s environment and climate change to look at this series currently online, as it aims to draw attention to our wonderful biodiversity, the impressive community participation and support for our nation wide Clean up Campaign and in Episode 3, information on where exactly you can take your non kitchen waste for recycling – it informs on facilities, waste types etc.  Think this will surprise many, and also encourage those who think recycling is not being done in Gibraltar and is a waste of time. It clearly is, on an impressive scale, and the more people who use our facilities, the better we will do. Another feature in episodes 1 and 3 is coverage on Climate Change action, marches, and interviews by the Coalition for Climate Action etc. This Coalition is currently also planning its campaign for 2020.

    Another issue never far from our thoughts is Transport. We are seeking a meeting with the new Minister for Transport where we shall present our concerns and recommendations in the hope that urgency will be applied to this issue. Updates on this soon!

    DPC – that’s the Development and Planning Commission – resume its monthly sessions next week with the first 2020 mtg happening on the 4th February. A large project that could interest the public is the old casino site on Europa Road and the replacement building planned for this site. The ESG is opposed to the scale of this project, which we believe impacts on an important part of our natural heritage including the Botanic Gardens and Nature Reserve. DPC meeting is open to the public and starts at 9.30am.

    In 2020 the ESG will be following up with various Ministers on issues within their portfolios which carry significant environmental impacts. We will also run additional debates and discussions on key areas of interest and concern to our members that are also in the public interest.

    Visit our website at esg-gib.net for press releases and newsletters. Email us at esg@gibtelecom.net  . Thanks for listening.