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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 28th July 2016

    ESG Radio Newsletter 28th July 2016

    Ship Collisions – Nuclear Subs –  Eco Wave Energy – Global Warming – Litter and Clean up 


    This past week maritime issues have been in the fore with confusing reports of collisions involving chemical carriers, nuclear submarines, oil tankers and other commercial vessel. Of course it is a concern and we have issued a press release that has been published in the local press and is also available to read online on our website if you haven’t caught up with it so far.


    It is bad news when a nuclear submarine is involved in any type of collision and we have called for independent, verifiable information concerning public safety to be made available as soon as possible. We echo concerns in the community that repairs should be carried out in the UK and in purpose built facilities. There has also been an absence of any formal statement by the Port Authority when clearly maritime safety is their primary responsibility. We await clarification on how an oil tanker operated by local businesses and in our waters suffered damage hours after the submarine collision, with oil containment due to the double hull feature now compulsory in all oil carrying vessels – this could have been very different otherwise.


    We say confusion arose because apart from understandable questions being asked locally, articles began appearing in the UK press linking the submarine and Vemaoil Tanker as being involved in the same collision. This was subsequently changed and information provided in the local media clarifying what appears to have happened in the two separate accidents. We still await a formal statement and explanation to be given by the Port Authority on what happened with the Vemaoil Collision? Was the VTS, vessel tracking system up and running?


    This week the ESG, together with the GONHS visited the Eco Wave Plant pilot project. It was very interesting to see the units up close and understand the challenges and aims behind this new technology for Gibraltar. We wish it every success and thank the Dept. of Environment and GibElec for making the visit possible.


    As the warm weather persists you can’t help but think about global warming and the need for continued short and long term action to be taken by all. In these days of political uncertainty and as has been previously mentioned in one of our newsletters, we commend the present Govt and Minister for the Environment for pledging to continue to support all EU Env legislation working towards environmental protection and climate change goals. With the UK and USA undergoing major political changes themselves it is sincerely hoped that sense will prevail and that existing climate change policies, so hard fought for, will survive and even be strengthened going forward.



    Enjoy your summer- respect the environment and please use the litter bins – reminder Clean up is held on the 24th September and you are welcome to sign up just drop us an email at esg@gibtelecom.net. Go to esg-gib.net, that’s our website, for more information.