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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 2nd August 2018

    Hi there.


    As Europe very worryingly sizzles, we take a quick look at our environment with air pollution, litter, cleanliness issues and cycle lanes very much on people’s minds at present.


    We have rec’d a number of complaints of fumes from residents over the past few weeks from different parts of Gibraltar occurring at different times of the day. Investigations have been undertaken and the ESG is following up on reporting protocols it believes need to somehow be improved together with guidelines provided to the public as to how reports should be filed. This for example could include type of smell (as there are a few)/wind direction as well as time of incident. Gibraltar has a number of polluting sources including immediate, offshore and at cross border level and tracing a particular smell can be very challenging, especially as these are airborne. The group recalls its bucket brigade activity some years ago when we distributed forms to hotspot areas outlining typical chemical smells and other details, which advised the citizen how to submit information in a report. This in turn, could help the authorities respond more effectively. More news on this soon.


    The ESG understands progress is being made with respect to real-time monitoring and of a mobile nature, which is positive news, and we look forward to enhanced air quality data to be made available soon.


    As many of us are spending more time outdoors we can see the impact this is having as cleaning services strain to keep up not only with the overfull bins but carelessly discarded rubbish. Yes we need more hosing down of pavements and yes we need ALL dog owners to use best practice followed by many and flush and remove their animals’ waste. But we also call for citizen pride and care in helping our town in being neat and tidy by using common sense on placing rubbish at the correct times, folding cardboard and other bulky waste, using the recycling bins correctly and generally being more mindful of how we look after our environment. Enforcement is also clearly needed. Clean up the World Campaign which takes place in September 29th will be promoting and highlighting these issues. Please sign up by emailing esg@gibtelecom.net. We have seen the ashtray containers available at the lifeguard posts on the beaches and think this is a great idea – hope all smokers avail themselves of this service – butt ends are toxic for the environment too!!


    There has been much discussion out there about the proposed cycle lanes for Main Street and Irish Town. We are slowly seeing the measures being put in place and expect to see clear signage informing visiting cyclists of the rules- this is also crucial for local cyclists and pedestrians from a safety angle. The ESG issued a press release on this issue because we support cycle lanes to encourage more cycling in Gibraltar but think the area available and joint use of space in town raises a number of safety issues, and importantly has to be policed etc. Visit our website for full statement on this issue: esg-gib.net.


    Lets take heart however that we are still managing to live our lives in relative peace and comfort as many countries around Europe and further afield are literally burning up as temperatures continue to soar. Action on climate change has never seemed as urgent as it does today….


    Thanks for listening..