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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 27th April 2017

     Keywords:  CUTW / Dockyard and Air, Noise Pollution and ISO / New Premises /  Britain 24hrs without burning coal / Gibraltar Renewable Energy Programme

    The ESG has been busy these past few weeks working on a number of key issues. Some of this relates to CUTW and preparations for Septembers annual event. We are setting up a number of mtgs with key participants and organising workshops that will run through the summer – should prove to be a busy but rewarding time that will help spread environmental awareness and engage the community in a campaign that now spans 12 years on the Rock. Send your interest to support and or take part to esg@gibtelecom.net. Global media has highlighted the plight of plastic waste in our environment. It is a major problem that seems to point evermore towards enforcement and a manufacturing solution. We can ban the bag but what about industrial plastics and all other grades of plastics???

    This week we have released a Press Release on excessive noise from the Dockyard, which is a very busy hub in Gibraltar right now, explaining how concerned we are as to how such an activity can qualify for environmental accreditation while impacting as heavily as it does on surroundings neighbourhoods. As an active NGO, that has periodically felt necessary to speak out, on behalf of those suffering its impacts, we would have wanted to have had an opportunity to participate in the process of any such accreditation, which forms part of the ISO assessment framework, alongside regulators, communities etc. We’ll be taking this forward in hope that operational impacts from the Dockyard can be mitigated further with the use of available technologies.

    After many years the ESG is now thankful to have been awarded centrally based premises that are currently being set up and formally opened this summer. We have been busy moving our gear and are grateful to all those who have lent a much needed hand. The ESG will be seeking donations to help resource the new base. More news on this soon.

    It was very heartening to hear that last Friday was the first full day since the height of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800’s that Britain did not burn coal to generate electricity, described by officials and climate change activists as a watershed moment. Similar news of how wind power is becoming ever more efficient and important as a growing part of power generation, both in the UK and around Europe, is also good news.

    Here in Gibraltar we remain optimistic that renewable energy will also form a greater role in our power generation and we continue to work and lobby for this outcome.

    Please visit our website at esg-gib.net for more information. Thanks for listening.