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     ESG Radio Newsletter 27th October 2016

     Brexit is dominating our lives in ways that few issues have done before and worryingly creating further and frustrating delays in all spheres of society. It also raises questions on how we can ensure environmental standards are protected and adhered to going forward.

    Locally we are concerned that the progress made in recent years on projects such as the new sewage treatment plant will not be blown off course because of Brexit. Another major area is our renewable energy programme, and the need for investment and political will to convert to reality all research undertaken so far by Govt.

    Earlier this month we met with the Minister for the Environment and his team together with the GONHS, to review the potential Brexit impacts on the environment. It is an important platform for us, as NGOs, and the Ministry dedicated to the protection of the environment, to share and hold such discussions, and bring to the table, the critical areas of concern that are under threat by an EU exit from each party’s perspective.

    We hope to be able to contribute to these discussions in areas of local pollution and health, but particularly in the case of the major chemical plants and Oil Refinery in the bay. This where the ESG, supported by Hassan’s Law firm and various MEPs, has sought redress from the EU on environmental breaches for the past 14 years! It is now going to be an even harder challenge, of that there is no doubt.

    Revisiting the Clean up for a moment – just to advise all volunteers that photographs depicting your great efforts over the clean up weekend can be found on our website, available via the Flickr link on the home page that we shall mention at the end of this broadcast. Also you will all be contacted soon as certificates of participation are being drawn up and will be handed out at a special ceremony. A report on the Clean Up, its success and on-going issues will be completed soon and also submitted to authorities and posted on our website. This will include un-tackled areas, bins and more.

    OK, moving on to a few more topics – construction of new developments can cause abject misery to those most affected, and actual medical symptoms in a few. There are regulations in place to ensure that these sites are managed rigorously and dust controlled to a minimum, and failure to do this must be reported either to site manager/details should be posted at site hoarding, OR to the Environmental Agency at 200-70620 if there is no info at site. Please do follow up and do not suffer in silence.

    We have also attended a meeting this week that looked at issues of quayside pollution and onshore power connection that we hope to see regulated in Gibraltar soon. This could remove air and noise pollution currently affecting frontline residents and we shall continue to press for these facilities to be set up.

    Please follow our issues and work by clicking on our website – our Wish List – Core Aims, is posted right on the home page at esg-gib.net and outlines all the areas we follow. You can email us for more information at esg@gibtelecom.net