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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 26th February 2015

    Key words: ESG Wish List 2015, LNG Gas, CUTW 2014 Report


    In todays newsletter we’d like to announce some news, which will interest our members and the wider public.


    Given the run-up to local elections is now underway, the ESG has held meetings with both political parties and also submitted our 2015 Wish List that includes 14 areas that cover our core aims and objectives. We urge the public to visit our website at esg-gib.net where this document will be posted as from tomorrow.


    The Wish List is based on our 2011 paper, carries an interim 2014 review on each issue, gauging progress or inaction, with a 2015 update giving our verdict on “where things stand” regarding the environment in Gibraltar today.


    We would just add that for the sake of brevity, in what is unavoidably a long document, we have kept summaries short, and advise anyone with a particular interest or query to contact us for more details.


    Some big issues to emerge recently are the new power station fuel choice, specifically gas – and the traffic and transport draft plan.


    On the question of gas or LNG storage, the ESG has made our views known by way of previous press releases and in many past newsletters. That is to say that we would like to have sight of technical and H&S documents before issuing a full statement on this matter. We do remain concerned that the present process is breaking down the project into 3 areas: reclamation, power plant, and fuel supply and storage. Although we have been silent on the matter recently, as Govt and Opposition discuss the matter in the media, we reserve our position that more technical details need to be made public so as to give assurance over the levels of safety pledged by those consulted, which are presently swaying Government towards gas, gas storage, and even contemplating bunkering with this fuel in future.


    The real question is, can Government revise its present plans if an EIA or technical details demand it? This seems quite a way down the road at present and the ESG is hoping to have a high level meeting with Govt over the next few weeks to discuss this, in detail, face to face.


    We have submitted our feedback to GoG on their proposed draft traffic and transport plan believing that implementation; budget and timeframe issues are now vital in converting the proposal into meaningful policy.


    Finally, we would like to advise our members, sponsors and volunteers that our CUTW 2014 report is now finalised and will also be posted on our website as from tomorrow, Friday. If anyone listening would like copies of the two reports mentioned in this broadcast please get in touch and we shall try and help.     Thanks for listening!