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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 22nd August 2013

    Today is significant on many fronts. Speaking as a global citizen it’s especially important to consider the impact we are having on the planet and consequently how this will affect not so distant future generations. Two issues are currently in the news that are important to mention: Insofar as global resources, we continue to undermine nature’s ability to renew herself and absorb the filth and waste we constantly throw at her. According to Global Footprint Network, the world has already reached “earth overshoot day” in 2013, explaining how we are tipping the balance in terms of resource use and the planets ability to replenish and absorb waste. With a rapidly rising global population, it’s hard to see how this balance will improve and will likely worsen with the ensuing economic and social upheaval this will create. Only then shall we realise the folly of our ways and how we should have taken better care in living more sustainably. Look at news on fracking.

    If you go to guardian.com you will find a range of articles and comment on the technical aspects of this technology as exploratory works are underway in the UK. You will also hear about protests which include both residents and national protesters as fracking will have both local and global impact. While you hear a lot about securing power source as the key argument for fracking, there is silence on the CO2 emissions this will produce. While many Governments behave as though renewable energy is unable to deliver today’s energy needs, there remains much that can be done to process our waste into energy, such as biogas from farm waste and sewage, or converting other waste into different forms of useable energy –as well as harnessing all forms of renewable energy. This requires political will on a major scale to develop necessary financial and legal tools to increase the pace at which these ultimately, cleaner technologies, can start replacing fossil fuel as the seemingly first natural choice.

    On a day that we hear about how we are already borrowing resources from our children’s future, its critical that choices made today reflect the need to increase efficiency and sustainability.

    Closer to home and because this will be the last newsletter before the main CUTW planning meeting I would like to remind those of you keen to participate in this years clean up to please get in touch as soon as possible. We are busy taking calls and emails and have a healthy list of teams already. You are welcome to sign up as a volunteer as additional teams are formed closer to the day, but not on the day. It is important for all team leaders to attend on the 3rd September at 7pm at the John Mack Hall, Charles Hunt Room. Please call 54960000 and/or email esg@gibtelecom.net. Clean up the World will take place on the 21st September.

    Another issue is Western Beach – we continue to advise against bathing there –visit environmental-agency.gi and check the data for yourself on the site for Western Beach. Compare it to other beaches and you will see a glaring difference in contamination levels at Western Beach compared to all our other beaches. We do not understand how Government has chosen to introduce a water play park there. We shall be issuing a press release soon as we follow up our complaint lodged at the European Commission.

    Finally, another one for your diary – a reminder that the next planning meeting takes place on the 5th September. Look out for the agenda that should be published online a week beforehand as we understand there could be interesting projects to be considered.
    Thanks for listening.