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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 19th April 2012

    ESG Radio newsletter 19th April 2012

    • We start with a reminder to all that Western Beach remains closed to the public as long as official water testing confirms unsafe levels of sewage contamination present – which is still the case and placing this attractive and safe bathing area out of bounds to our community. Families have been using this beach recently in hot weather exposing tiny children to the risk of picking up potentially serious infection. Govt is adamant that the beach is closed but there is no barrier in place only a small sign which is easy to miss as you walk on to the beach. We shall be calling upon Govt to discuss this further. In recent exchanges of correspondence with the EU we can advise that this matter is being actively pursued in Brussels but progress is unacceptably slow and we shall be holding a meeting with all concerned shortly to review what else can be done about this

    • Govt has issued a press statement this week on activity taking place over the next few weeks at the Nature Port Plant which exploded last year. The tanks are to be cleaned and we presume removed and we would also like to urge those listening to be conscious of the fumes produced during the cleaning process, which we are told will be done as carefully as possible. However if any issues arise from this please get in touch by calling 200-48996 or 54960000

    • A reminder that the next public meeting of the Development and Planning Commission will be held next Thursday the 26th April at 9.30am at the Charles Hunt Room at the John Mackintosh Hall. The agenda is usually published by the Town Planners a few days beforehand so make sure you check it carefully in case there is any item of particular interest or concern to you. You will find this at: gibraltar.gov.gi/dpc

    • Interesting to hear about the CEPSA Oil Refinery Exercise this week to test its oil spill response capabilities at sea. It is welcome to hear that such practices are now being carried out by an industry that has repeatedly ignored most environmental regulations and best practice for the past few decades! Another development of interest in the Campo area was the recent publication of a Junta de Andalucía funded report on cancer and mortality data for the Campo area. We are currently assessing this report along with Spanish groups and our expert advisers and will be sharing our conclusions as soon as possible

    • It’s difficult not to comment on the potential resolution of the fishing dispute which is currently ongoing. While cynics may doubt that this is a worthy battle with a fruitful outcome, the recent discussions on EU compensation on lost earnings may yet provide a solution. We still need to be starkly aware that the wider marine environment and fishing practises inside and out of the EU is a frightening scenario of unsustainable raping of the worlds fish stocks. We simply shift the problem somewhere else. Of course we support the need to protect our marine environment and hope that it will be resolved positively

    • We are pleased to note the recent actions taken by the Ministry for the Environment and his team to improve Gibraltar’s environmental performance. As we approach World Earth Day 2012, which we hope to recognise with a mini clean up, and where the local branch of FOE have been urging individuals to be more mindful of our own actions, Govt has launched a long awaited awareness drive on recycling via television adverts to encourage the public to make use of the recycling facilities on the Rock. Details of bin locations are posted by the ESG for some years now on the telephone Directory “About Gibraltar” section but you can of course find out more details directly from Govt departments.

    • Saturday’s Chronicle carried a detailed article on Gibraltar’s energy production and power stations where we highlighted our concerns about the present situation in response to questions by the paper. We shall be issuing a statement soon on energy matters on the Rock

    • Finally you can keep up to date with key environmental developments in Gibraltar and the bay area by logging on to esg-gib.net – and if you missed hearing this entire broadcast you can read it in full online on our website! Thanks for listening