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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 18th August 2011

    ESG Radio newsletter 18th August 2011 KEY WORDS : Clean up the World – East Side Bunkering – Professor Cales Linden – Buses Survey Deadline –
    Today the ESG will touch upon various matters to do with our local and regional environment which we hope will be of interest.
    To start with an update on the CUTW Programme which is moving along extremely well as we speak, sites being assessed, teams signing up, and 2011 showing itself to be a high point locally for this global campaign once more.
    Gibraltar’s coastline, a growing number of underwater sites and hard to reach areas will receive attention from our volunteers with positive results for our marine and natural environment. That will be the action. Of the campaign itself, well, we hope it will help create more awareness and civic pride in our community with the ultimate aim of becoming more responsible in “How” we manage our waste in general, at every level.
    The next CUTW planning session will be held on the 7th September at the Charles Hunt Room, John Mackintosh Hall, at 7pm. Hope you can attend especially if you couldn’t make the 1st session. See you there.

    Moving on, you may have seen recent press coverage of widely held concerns of the possible expansion of Bunkering to the East side of Gibraltar. There is a coalition of associations and entities that have specific issues regarding any type of this activity on the East Side. For these details please visit esg-gib.net or gonhs.org for the various papers. The “Coalition” published a joint statement a few days ago outlining the many areas of concern which are shared by all groups – this can also be found on the aforementioned websites. We believe its important that the community knows the detailed concerns these same groups gave the scientists last year who are carrying out an env impact assessment on this proposed activity.
    It is after all, our quality of life, our safety, our marine environment, and natural heritage that is at stake and the coalition representing all these areas presents mature arguments and reasons against any such activity most eloquently. If you do not have access to a computer please contact us at 200-48996 for a copy of the submissions.

    Some of you may have known a colourful and somewhat controversial character by the name of Swedish Professor Claes Linden. Claes was an environmental activist, scientist and farmer and lived in the Campo de Gibraltar region for 28 years. His recent passing has given rise to renewed focus of his efforts to fight for a better environment locally, via his farming methods and concerns of pollution, and globally with his scientific works on climate change and critical need for the protection of rainforests. A year ago, close friends of the ESG organised for Claes Linden to give a presentation of his ideas to a select audience in La Linea. It was clear that while his failing health was a growing issue, his commitment and passion for the battle to save our planet was as strong as ever. We would therefore like to mark his passing with respect and sadness. He has left a legacy though – a farming project in Castellar which he nurtured for over twenty years has now become the focus of a petition which Linden’s friends and colleagues are running to try and preserve the land he occupied as an environmental botanic garden. Mid September will see a meeting take place in Castellar and more information will be provided locally by the ESG. Please do contact us if you knew Professor Linden and would like to assist or learn more about this project.
    A word on the buses and problems so far – do not forget to send your complaints and suggestions to paul.martinez@gibraltar.gov.gi where feedback is being gathered towards a govt survey to address these issues. The ESG will also be issuing its own press release on this matter tomorrow.

    The ESG would also like to thank all those who take time to raise issues or call us for advice on our environment. You can reach us at esg@gibtelecom.net, telephone 200-48996 or mobile: 54960000
    Thanks for listening.