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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 18.07.19

    The ESG attended the recent San Roque environmental protest that was supported by an impressive number of people, some 1500 was estimated. The protest had been called in response to a major fire that occurred at a plastics factory in San Roque that had alarmed the region. The incident further highlighted grave concerns from the community of the inadequate emergency advice and protocols by the authorities, during the very visual and frightening spectre of one plant that had gone up following an explosion in close proximity to major petroleum installations nearby.

    Of course the raging fire produced copious, thick black smoke that caused the urgent call up of our own contingency team in Gibraltar with advice being provided via media for people to avoid inhalation and stay indoors. There was no information provided by Spain to Gibraltar as far as we know and this is also unacceptable.

    The many speakers who took to the stage at the protest demanded a change from the dirty, chemical industries that have increasingly occupied the Campo area for decades, calling, instead for cleaner alternatives, that also recognises the urgency of Climate Change. The people, they said, deserve to live in a safe and clean environment where they can breathe clean air and enjoy the same quality of life as exists elsewhere in the Iberian peninsula. The ESG agrees with all their aims and was proud to represent the many Gibraltarians at home who we know share the same concerns about these heavily polluting industries. For more on these issues visit our news section on our website – esg-gib.net.


    A reminder that 2019 Clean up the World will take place on the 21st September. You can register your team via email at esg@gibtelecom.net. More news on this soon.


    If you haven’t yet done so please sign a live petition being run by 6 local NGOs campaigning on Climate Change – simply visit change.org and enter parents strike Gibraltar. Numbers are now around 1,300 and we need to keep going on this. Please sign and share with friends and family. Signature collection days are planned for August and early September where representatives from each NGO will be out and about to also discuss this all important issue with members of the public. This petition will be handed in to Government on completion of a protest planned for the 20th September in support of a global movement on that day.


    Next DPC meeting is to be held on the 31st July. Mark it in your diary as it is likely to include large developments.


    We mentioned in our last newsletter that the DPC would be holding a special DPC session to consider the Bob Peliza housing project next to a busy 24hour Port, at the existing GibElec site. The ESG presented its many concerns and these were all debated in full. The Chronicle in fact carried a detailed article on the discussion which can be found in their 9th July edition.

    Visit our website for more environmental news