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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 16th August 2018

    ESG Radio Newsletter 16th August 2018  


    Hi there. A quick update on issues of interest to the ESG and its members. We start with Clean up the World preparations and can that confirm more and more teams are signing up which demonstrates the interest and concern many of us have for a clean and healthy environment. The date is set for the 29th September – why so late you may ask? While the global date is set earlier National Day and the Music Festival take up the two earlier weekends and so we have chosen the 29th as the clearest weekend for our activity. Please get in touch if you wish to volunteer and or help with preparations by emailing esg@gibtelecom.net . Main planning meeting date will soon be confirmed for the beginning of September.


    Have to say that once again sea facing estates are being affected by noxious fumes during the very calm and warm nights with complaints being made either directly to us, or, online. We are following up with the authorities but believe that industry must also realise it needs to change and adopt safer working practices that have less of an environmental impact than currently occurring.


    We are referring of course to the Dockyard and to the shipping activity in general and the August climate. Heat and lack of wind exaggerates what are already considerable fumes produced by vessels either receiving bunker, or large-scale works carried out at the dockyard. There are a growing number of voices out there expressing concern and anger about this high impacting pollution and it is time for change.


    Must say something positive about how beaches are seen to be cleaner this year. One hopes that a combination of growing international awareness about waste impacts on the marine environment, posters and recycling bins provided by Govt and the dedicated cleaning services are all resulting in more responsible behaviour. This does not apply to all beaches and to all beachgoers – the shame is you only need a handful of people to create an eyesore. We urge everyone to please look after our planet and keep our beaches clean.


    Planning issues rumble along and are a real talking point on the Rock. Can’t avoid it as we are a very small land area and there are large projects going on in every corner – so, we are all affected. Despite the obvious gains to most of us regarding new schools, enhanced sports facilities, housing, and new power station, the ESG would like to see holistic planning on a short, medium to long-term basis supported by the community, delivering on our needs while maintaining our special character and vistas. This should not be impossible.


    News this week of real-time monitoring at the border by the authorities starting in September is good news and welcomed by the group who would like to see similar assessments carried out at various hotspots on the Rock.


    Watch out for next DPC meetings in September, as August will not see any meetings held. For more news and press releases please visit: www.esg-gib.net


    Thanks for listening.