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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 15th November 2018

    Key words: Brexit/ Single Use Plastics/ Waste / Pollution / Climate Change / Traffic / 

                             MEP Molly Scott Cato / DPC


    Amidst Brexit news erupting all around us perhaps the environment isn’t making headline news, as has been the case for a while now.

    However, lets visit some green issues and developments.

    This week EU lawmakers (yes I said EU) have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a complete ban on several single-use plastics including straws, cutlery and coffee stirrers adding the EU to the growing list of governments committed to helping the world address the plastic problem. This still requires approval with reliable alternatives nevertheless providing a clear path to a transition. We must not ignore the warnings that we face more plastics than fish in our oceans with evidence based research already showing plastics entering the food chain.

    This is an urgent fight. Positive then to also hear New Zealand Prime Minister just announce a phasing out of single use plastic bags nationwide over the next year. New Zealand is one of the highest producers of urban waste per capita in the developed world according to figures from the World Bank. Awareness has really helped create momentum on this issue and we should look to do as much as we can both locally and regionally on this important matter.

    Waste, together with traffic, pollution and Climate Change are among the issues the ESG discusses on a frequent basis with members and the public alike with our revised List of Objectives soon to be published for 2018.

    It was interesting to hear MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, Molly Scott Cato, recently call for civil disobedience and illegal action by communities to press Governments for real action on Climate Change. Indeed we saw one of our own, Reggie Norton, support such action in the UK this week. It is a big question as to what it will take to arrest the relentless growth, development and use of fossil fuels despite glaring scientific and actual evidence and we would be interested to talk to MEP Cato on her thoughts on this most crucial issue facing humanity and the global environment.


    Talking about growth and development the DPC, that’s the development and planning commission, meet twice before the end of November. Agenda for the 20th meeting is already available online and a further date is currently being planned.

    These sessions are held in public and start at 9.30am at the Charles Hunt Room, John Mackintosh Hall.

    Do send us an email for more information at esg@gibtelecom.net or also visit our website at www.esg-gib.net for press releases and other resources.


    Thanks for listening.