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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 15.03.18

    Radio Newsletter

    Key words:  Online petition   CUTW and Litter Committee   2018 Preparations kick off   Earth Hour    DPC

    Hi there – The ESG would like to give heads up on a number of environmental initiatives happening for those of you interested in doing your bit to help the environment.


    For example you may want to support an online petition looking at the Bay and the major impact it suffers from chronic air and marine pollution from the large petrochemical installations, like the Refinery and other industry, the coal fired power station, major port reclamation, etc. The petition calls for a stop to pollution and for a plan of restoration and recovery to be produced to re-establish ecosystems and habitats lost over time to industrial development. The ESG believes it is a worthy petition and hopes that many people throughout the Bay will sign it.

    You can find the petition at www.change.org and search for “Por un Plan Integral ….”Alternatively you can also find link on our website and FB page. Details provided a bit later on.


    The ESG recently submitted a report on CUTW 2017 to the Litter Committee containing results and outcomes of the last major clean up campaign – There are a number of recommendations in the report on how we can reduce the presence of litter in our open areas and we are hopeful that on-going efforts as well as important changes to the upcoming new cleaning contract for Gibraltar, will help to meet these outstanding issues. Ad hoc clean ups continue – let us know if you want to be notified as these are happening on a regular basis.


    The group is already starting CUTW preparations for 2018 with the date now set for the 29th September.


    Earth Hour is almost upon us again! Is it really 12 whole months since we last switched off our lights for this symbolic global campaign? The date this year is the 24th March, time is from 8.30 to 9.30pm, local time everywhere! We are asked to switch off unnecessary lights during this hour alongside millions of people doing the same in an awareness raising action reminding ourselves of the importance of looking after our planet. It is quite a remarkable event followed by mainstream media the world over as iconic landmarks are switched off in a show of solidarity – Gibraltar has followed suit in the past and hope will do so again this year. This small action encourages reflection on a personal level and places a spotlight on energy use and climate change on the world stage. Every action helps. Hope you can support it in any way you can too on Saturday the 24th!! Check out Earth Hour on line for lots more information.


    As usual a reminder that the next DPC meeting will be held towards the end of March on the 28th as from 9.30am at the John Mackintosh Hall. It is open to the public with the agenda published 7 days earlier and found on the Town Planning Website clicking on DPC and Agendas.



    Thanks for listening