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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 13th November 2014

    ESG Radio Newsletter  13th November 2014

     Hello – well some general news update now.  The Litter Committee chaired by the Minister for the Environment met last week, the first session since our clean up in September. We presented some of our findings and raised a number of points related to general litter issues in Gibraltar that are addressed in a comprehensive report we are finalising and will be publishing very soon. Copies will be on our website for download as from end of November.  Among our recommendations are for a litter strategy to be created so that all agencies and departments can work towards a common list of aims with improved cohesion in place. Naturally enforcement is high on our list as are dedicated Litter Wardens.

    Some positives from the meeting are news that the compactor purchased to increase paper and cardboard recycling by Government to be able to handle commercial quantities is closer to being in operation. We know there are several businesses in Gibraltar that want to recycle their high volume of waste so the sooner the compactor is up and running the better.

    On another matter another wave of Wii bins, that’s right, the bright shocking pink bins are now in place in various corners of Gibraltar. With a mobile recycling service also on the cards you should contact the Dept. of Environment at mhe@gibraltar.gov.gi, to check where the services will be provided in relation to where you live and work.

    The ESG welcomes the start of the long awaited trial for the explosion that occurred at the North Mole, Nature plant site. It has taken a few years to get here but an incident that caused serious levels of air and water pollution as well as injuries, even leading to the death of a contract worker, is clearly an important issue that needs to be tackled.

    Climate Change talks at Beijing. Mixed reports are running online on the outcome of this high level conference in Beijing. Some say that China is finally setting out its carbon cutting plans and going further even than the USA! This is seen as good news; however many are highly critical of the USA that continues to put corporate growth and vested interests before responding as required on climate change targets and on curbing its own carbon output.

    These giants are the ones that will ultimately make the real difference.

    More news on this big subject in more detail in our next newsletter.

    Thanks for listening