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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 05.09.19

    Key words: Climate Change, Car Free Day, Clean up 2019, List of Objectives, Developments and DPC, Power Station

    Hi there- as the days begin to cool we look ahead to a very busy Autumn and that’s not just on the academic or entertainment front!

    A few dates that may interest you coming up are:

    20th September  – which is a global ‘Parents Strike for Future’ addressing climate change. Gibraltar will also be supporting this worldwide day of action. We, together with 5 other NGOs and supporters, will be marching from Casemates to No. 6 at 5.30pm to hand in a petition to Government (which close to 1500 people have already signed online). This coalition of groups, known as the Coalition for Climate Action, strongly believe in the need for an independent climate body to prioritise and manage a climate agenda supported at cross party level. Check out local media for the full press release issued by the Coalition that includes the GONHS, the Nautilus Project, the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Sustainable Gibraltar, Pollution Watch and the ESG.

    Collection of signatures also took place in town yesterday and will be happening again on the 7th and 11th Sept outside Morrison’s. You can also sign online by visiting Change.org and searching Parents Strike Gibraltar. Thank you!

    22th September – our friends in Sustainable Gibraltar are calling for Gibraltar to support World Car Free Day. Visit their FB page for more details-  hope many of us will be able to support this campaign.

    28th September – Another very important community campaign is our Clean up the World event. Please note this has been delayed by a week due to the many other activities happening around the 21st. Additionally we involve many schools and this year some of these are starting term later so we hope by delaying a week it could enable some to participate. Good luck to all with the start of the school year. Volunteers are needed so please get in touch if you can give some time on the 28th! Email esg@gibtelecom.net with your details and we shall send you more information. Team leaders please attend a key mtg on the 11th of the month at 7pm in the ESG premises at Wellington Front. You can download a copy of this year’s poster from our ESG Facebook page or email us for a copy.

    ESG is now stepping up its list of objectives and will be approaching all parties ahead of elections.

    Regarding Development issues there is the usual DPC mtg being held on the 26th September at 9.30am, which is very likely to be full of important projects. We will update on this in our next newsletter.

    As the year starts to draw to a close another important issue for us is the new power station and wondering when this will finally be commissioned to begin a new chapter in power generation on the Rock. Yes, it is a fossil fuel stn but its commissioning also means the noisy and polluting skid generators and old power stations will finally be laid to rest and removed. Imagine that! Then we turn full speed ahead to maximum use of renewable energy, and that is what we shall aim for. We look forward to an early announcement for the completion of this major project.

    We usually refer you to our website for more news but we are having technical problems so simply email us for more information.