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  • ESG Radio News 12.01.17

    Key words:- Power Station and BAT, CUTW litter, Renewable Energy, Traffic & Transport, Port Activity, Acerinox fire, Real-time monitoring, Dogs and Planning

     Welcome to our first 2017 newsletter. We would like to wish all a healthy and positive year ahead.

    2017 will see the ESG move to new premises that will help develop outreach projects and engage with members and the public more directly. A membership drive will follow and we hope those interested in a more active role in helping the environment will respond.

    We are focusing at present on issues such as the Power station and use of best technology, as well as CUTW littering and waste, together with the development of widespread use of renewable energy. Traffic & Transport is also in our sights and we hope that as well as implementing common sense measures for interim improvements, that a long-term and time lined plan will be set up to bring about real change in the way our community mobilises. These and other issues are contained in a 2017 updated ESG Wish List that forms the basis of our lobbying efforts this year.

    Also in this list is for all Port activity, including Dockyard and Rook area, to be run with least environmental impact on our community and environment. This includes air and noise pollution. We receive calls from affected citizens often enough to know these impacts continue and are difficult to pin down. We therefore insist that it is up to those carrying out industrial activity to do so following highest standards and using best available technology. Regulations must also be policed effectively if they are going to achieve standards they are designed to maintain. This way our economy does not suffer but neither does our health and quality of life.

    Just a few days ago we witnessed a heavy trail of black voluminous smoke emerge from the Acerinox steel smelting plant. Prevalent winds swept this across the campo area towards Gibraltar. It was an alarming sight made worse by an absence of any official statement by the company of the origin or cause of this fire. It is clear that such a large chemical industrial base as exists in the hinterland will always be the ultimate threat and heaviest impact to the Bays environment and we shall monitor and continue our efforts with colleagues across the border to rein these industries in.

    We shall also focus on seeing real-time monitoring set up in the Northwest of Gibraltar. This could assist in capturing pollution levels more effectively from local and cross border sources, in what is a densely populated zone

    A word on littering issues– many will know of our annual Clean up event that engages wide spread support to highlight and clean worse affected nature spots around the Rock. This amazing effort fuels our determination the rest of the year in pressing for necessary measures such as extra facilities and increased monitoring, cleaning and policing, to be put in place. We aim for a cleaner Gibraltar in 2017 and a homeland we can all enjoy and be truly proud of. Thanks to all who are working hard on these matters year round.

    We acknowledge the efforts made by the authorities in controlling wanton use of fireworks this year. We have had mixed feedback from the public and are taking this up with those concerned.

    The increased presence of dogs in our community has created a number of issues. From the need for open space for exercise to policing and maintaining these areas, that are, after all, shared communal spaces. It is becoming a significant issue that requires serious management and monitoring. It is always the few that wreck a relaxed approach for the many, but given the numbers involved there really is no choice. Again, as with littering, prevention of dumping of dog faeces, supported by policing and increased maintenance must follow. We wish the DNA programme luck in helping bring these issues under control.

    For those interested in planning matters note down the next DPC mtg is on the 24th January. These meetings are open to the public and all applications are published online: just google egov.gi and go to Town Planning.     For more info on anything you have heard please email us at: esg@gibtelecom.net

    thanks for listening (reading!)