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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 8th July 2010

      Infrastructural Projects

    Clearly anyone can see that Gibraltar is undergoing numerous, massive, infrastructural projects, which will significantly improve many of our public areas.

    • Sandy Bay is finally receiving serious attention mainly driven by the risk of collapse of the buildings known as “Both Worlds”, which, for decades, have enjoyed the luxury of a truly stunning landscape and environment. As a Sandy Bay fan I only hope that the beach will also be stabilised in its own right and will be returned to full public use once the re-enforcement works are completed.
    • The Dudley Ward tunnel is also moving quickly ahead with reports of completion sometime this year.
    • The rubble mountain off Eastern Beach continues to grow and this is a cause for concern. Let’s hope the dumping is strictly monitored and controlled but this does beg the question of Gibraltar’s rubble waste in general and the copious amounts being produced.
    • Over to Europa Point and much evidence today of the ongoing tidying up project, both long awaited and promised. Though still a building site, this effort will, with any luck, result in an improved area where tourists and locals alike will experience and enjoy the brilliant vistas Gibraltar offers. Hope to also see lots of trees going in to the final refurbishment effort!



    The ESG is currently visiting problem sites as well as “difficult to get at” areas for assessment for the upcoming Clean Up the World Campaign taking place this year on the 18th and 19th September.  We are now distributing our colourful volunteer posters and are contacting teams to begin planning in earnest.

    Please, call us and register on: 200-48996, or on mobile: 54960000.You can also email us on: esg@gibtelecom.net . Launch of campaign happening very soon.

    Eastside Bunkering:

    I also wanted to quickly touch base on a number of important issues which have arisen recently – one, the fact that the Govt of Gibraltar has stated in the press that it is planning to lift restrictions to allow bunkering to be carried out on the eastside of Gibraltar. This is completely opposed by the ESG, and we believe, by many in the community. We shall be launching a petition to prevent this from happening. We strongly believe that economic growth should not come about at any cost and hope to gain widespread public support on this. We issued a detailed press release on this outlining our concerns and you can read about this and the petition on our website: www.esg-gib.net .

    Green Budgetary Measures:

    The green measures proposed by Govt in its recent budget are most definitely good news and a long awaited step in the right direction. We mustn’t forget that Gibraltar will be failing to meet European targets this year in using a percentage of renewable energy as part of our energy base, and this has to change. Investment and focus on this by the Govt of the day is needed and overdue, and will, in the long-term, provide financial as well as environmental benefits. Of course our air quality will also improve with clear health benefits for all.

    Well, hope you have heard something of interest to you.  Please do get in touch if you would like more information on any local or regional environmental issue.

    Thanks for listening!!