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    Well our environmental world is truly becoming more and more complicated- from witnessing potentially the worst ever marine disaster ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico – today confirmed as decimating hundreds of thousands of birds and marine species, to closer to home, bunkering fumes, dolphinariums, Tripartite and Bay issues, renewable energy and yes, the inevitable sands from the Sahara story……

    Our members are kept informed on all these issues via emails/Facebook and our website- if you are listening to this broadcast, and have never heard of the ESG and would like to find out more, please visit our website www.esg-gib.net where you can join up or alternatively access lots of information on local and regional environmental issues-

    Just to confirm we are an NGO, non profit making organisation and therefore depend on donations and support from the community to continue our work.
    Members are encouraged also to attend monthly open meetings where projects are discussed and those interested can support and participate more fully. Do please get in touch!

    Obviously air, noise and marine pollution concerns everyone

    With the summer upon us, pollution is more clearly felt as the hot temperatures amplify the problem and we all need to keep windows and doors open to cool down. We also tend to spend more time outdoors.

    The situation has been such that the ESG has issued some half a dozen press releases during this last fortnight alone on pollution from power stns, the Refinery, bunkering fumes and others. What also brought matters to a head was the threat of legal action from the EU regarding Gibraltar’s particulate and NOx levels- both harmful to health with especially harmful particulates produced by diesel engines which by the way are used in all three of our electricity generating stations.

    We have heard the Minister for the Env. suggest the EU have got it wrong with the Saharan Sands and sea salt largely to blame for excessive levels and not our activities at all- we strongly dispute this claim and others made by senior environmental officers representing Govt position on this.

    As we have done on other occasions, we are currently putting together a paper on the Govt Draft Air Quality Plan currently open for public consultation in clear and simple language, highlighting the key issues contained and our views on Govt strategy –we will of course publish this document too.

    We must not forget that Gibraltar still awaits the long promised Action Plan to deliver on the Environmental Charter “Aims and Objectives” which are there to actively steer us towards creating a healthier and better quality of life for our citizens, our families and the living environment alike-

    We do recognise that to change from business as usual to a progressive and green future will take some, shall we say courage, transparency, and purpose. So far, we are seeing glimmers of light emerge from Govt corners but with statements of Saharan sands we are truly going backwards-

    Please, let’s be honest with ourselves, get onto a green track- prioritise our action plan to put a timeframe on all the key areas and let’s not leave this for election fodder and empty promises.

    The ESG will continue to work hard to push forward this agenda as well as highlight practical solutions.

    You can reach us on: 200-48996, 54960000 email on esg@gibtelecom.net and our website again: esg-gib.net.

    Thanks for listening.