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  • ESG Radio Broadcast – 21st March 2013

    ESG Radio Broadcast – 21st March 2013

    We would like to draw your attention to a number of environmental stories which have appeared in the local and UK press.

    • Regarding news appearing in the local media: on the development of Government policy with respect to the environment – we welcome hearing of the various plans in mind – especially news that an imminent announcement on the replacement power station project is within sights; apparently we shall be hearing from the Chief Minister himself on this very critical subject next week and we, along with many thousands of Gibraltarians, will be listening with great anticipation.

    • Great to see so many of us recycling, pressing the need for increasing the frequency in emptying of bins –this is a good problem..

    • Another matter that caught our attention on the online press, and which we believe is very significant, is that of the Conservative UK Govt wanting to change the school curriculum to remove any mention of Climate Change for pupils up to the age of 14yrs. It is no secret that the present UK Govt contains many climate change sceptics but it is of paramount importance that this proposal is met with fierce opposition by the public.

    • It has taken many years for the educational process to catch up and include the need to educate our young about how we must change our ways and develop sustainable lifestyles and economies, particularly with respect to climate change. This proposal to remove the issue of climate change from the curriculum is surely a retrograde step and one that will be opposed by many. There are already petitions and campaigns beginning to take off in the UK on this. Of course, Gibraltar follows the UK curriculum so we shall be taking this matter up with the local educational authorities should the UK Govt press ahead with their plans.

    Earth Hour this weekend…hope everyone will acknowledge this important action highlighting the need for collective awareness and responsibility. Remember to switch off at 8.30pm for one hour this Saturday 23rd March and support this important global campaign. Visit earthhour.org for more details as well as the ESG website esg-gib.net for more local environmental news.