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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 17th March 2011


    Today’s’ broadcast will focus on various local issues as well as commenting on the dreadful disaster taking place on the other side of the world in Japan.  The human cost and threat of worsening situation due to radiation poisoning kind of makes everything else pale to insignificance, but not quite – with the emergence of embattled communities throughout the Middle East fighting for more rights and greater democracy- the world is truly at a boiling point at present, or so it seems.

    Still, in all this environmental factors are at play whether because of demand for equal share of nature’s resources – or, in the case of Japan, an unprecedented and major earthquake causing utter devastation in a zone reliant on nuclear power for its energy – and the grave threat developing now. The world is watching and hopefully learning but at a truly dreadful human cost, a stark reminder to all that in spite of best technologies applied and funds available in what is the third richest nation in the world – the Japanese communities are not being spared the fear and impact from nuclear radiation, this time caused in peace time and at the responsibility of its own Govt.. It is remarkable that we learn that Japan has not 3 or 4 nuclear reactors, but over 50, in an island which is relatively small, densely populated and located in one of the worst earthquake belts in the world.

    The environmental angle to this is one of safety. Proponents of nuclear industry claim that this technology has been sufficiently tried and tested and should now be the technology of choice in addressing climate change. What seems to be emerging however  is that safe nuclear energy  is non-existent and unaffordable even by the third richest country in the world– imagine poorer developing countries with lack of infrastructure, technology and resources investing in this energy choice? It calls for rapid investment by all countries in safe, clean renewable energy and a serious look at energy efficiency and consumption in our wasteful, materialistic world today.

    As mentioned before, to move to other local topics seems inappropriate but I would like to use today’s slot to inform you of two campaigns taking place in Gibraltar soon and related to energy matters.

    The first is on the 26th March and is 2011’s Earth Hour Day. People throughout the world will be symbolically switching off their lights as a reminder that we are using up too much energy and need to change our ways. Visiting Earthhour.org you can find out what’s happening around the world under this campaign. Closer to home, the ESG calls upon its members and those listening to review your own energy use and explore ways in which this can be reduced. On the day itself the Scouts, Ocean Village and the Gibraltar Govt will be taking symbolic action to promote awareness of this serious issue. More news on this in the media soon.

    Also wanted to mention that we have been contacted by Xavier Van de Stappen, some of you will remember CoptoCap when a little electric car visited the Rock on its long journey to South Africa. Well, Xavier made it there and back and is planning a new campaign! He will be visiting various European cities in April and will be coming to Gibraltar with another environmental project on clean energy- More news on that also soon- 

    Thanks for listening!