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    ESG Radio Newsletter 6th September 2012 – A quick round up of local environmental news.

    CUTW updates are going out today and tomorrow via email to the many schools/associations, companies and government agencies supporting this annual environmental, community wide event. Over thirty teams are now signed up and we are absolutely delighted with the response to this campaign. Clearly, keeping Gibraltar tidy matters to many of us and we hope this year to raise even more awareness and achieve further progress in managing Gibraltar’s waste. Two considerable goals of our campaign have been realised this year with the formation of the Litter Committee driving a number of issues forward, one of these being the seven day waste facility. This will go a considerable way towards helping keep our green areas free from tipping.

    However, it’s clear to anyone travelling along Europa Advance Road today, that the facilities themselves are woefully inadequate being open to the elements and results in rubbish strewn everywhere even raising the risk potential of a traffic accident as some of the waste is quite heavy, gets lifted in heavy winds and could hit windscreens etc. We have been calling for a modern Eco Park where all types of rubbish can be received in a sheltered area preventing waste from escaping and entering road, cliff and marine systems. Until such time as this is achieved however, we believe it’s important that the existing facilities be enclosed to prevent airborne redistribution of waste which has been taken there.

    Back to the Clean Up weekend itself we hope that the public will support the Parade that will set off from Casemates at 11.00am on the 22nd Sept. This will be followed by some activity and stalls at the John Mackintosh Square. This exhibition and more will then be on display at the John Mackintosh Hall as from the 24th September for the week when special workshops, activities and films will also be shown. CUTW organisers would like to thank everyone who has extended help and support in these weeks.

    A reminder to anyone wishing to volunteer to please attend the main planning meeting on the 11th September at Charles Hunt Room, John Mack Hall at 7.30pm.

    If you would like more information on anything you have heard today please contact us on: 200-48996
    Mobile: 54960000, email at esg@gibtelecom.net and we shall be happy to help.
    Visit esg-gib.net for more news.

    Thanks for listening.