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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 03.09.20

    ESG Radio Broadcast 3rd September 2020

    Good day to all. It’s been some time since our last broadcast.

    With cooler weather has come greater activity and despite Covid concerns, an air of hopefully greater optimism that together we can eventually overcome the worst of the difficulties and health threats posed by the Covid virus.

    On our side we continue to monitor and engage in local, regional and international environmental news and developments despite these being somewhat eclipsed by the Covid headlines. Only this week we were privileged to enjoy a full hour of our worlds unimaginably beautiful nature and her inhabitants, with who else but Sir David Attenborough, as always, leading us to enjoy, respect and wonder at life away from the human species. A reminder of why we need to change and improve our behaviour to ensure we live with other species and not in place of them.

    So we look at what we can do here, in Gibraltar, and how we can play our part. This year the global Clean up the World is taking place on the 19th September. This will be our 16th Gibraltar wide clean up. We must emphasise that although plans are underway to ensure some action takes place on the day to help our natural environment and raise awareness within our community, updates will be released in the press and volunteers informed directly, closer to the date,  as to how exactly the Clean up can happen following directives issued by Gibraltar’s Contingency team. Our regular teams are starting to sign up already which is great. If you have taken part before and would like to help, please email esg@gibtelecom.net – and we shall keep you posted.

    A few bits of information which may interest you: The Dept. of Env has published a Marine Paper calling for feedback – although the deadline is tomorrow, the 4th Sept, it is nevertheless a very comprehensive and well researched document with analysis and information on our marine environment and more. You can find the link at: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/environment/marine-strategy . The ESG has supplied the Department with our feedback and concerns regarding waste and litter handling, sewage, shipping, small craft impacts, fishing, and impacts from the large chemical complex in the Campo area.

    Tomorrow morning sees an online meeting of the DPC (Development and Planning Commission) – with a number of large projects coming up and a plethora of smaller items. You can follow the meeting live online by going to Town Planning Gibraltar, click on Development and Planning Commission meetings and the link will appear there.

    We are mindful of the wider issues surrounding the continuous construction on the Rock regarding facilities, infrastructure, need for new Plan, climate change, etc. and those of you interested in our long-term objectives could visit esg-gib.net for more information on these. Thanks for liste