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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 01.10.20

    In early September, we talked about the upcoming Clean up the World with some caution and trepidation as to whether we could pull off another Gibraltar wide clean up. Well! Very pleased to announce that Gibraltar did it again with the help of over 200 volunteers resulting in 12 truckloads of waste taken to various refuse sites!! 18 teams tackled 14 separate sites. Well done to all for helping our environment and raising awareness on issues regarding litter and waste in our community.

    Inspired by a campaign that began 27 years ago, on the other side of the planet, and now sees participation by over 100 countries and some 30 million people worldwide – Gibraltar too supported the campaign for the 16th year running and dedicated time and effort on Saturday to remove waste from green, coastal, underwater and open water areas – doing our bit in the global fight against this mounting waste problem. Transformations were made to these beautiful areas many of us cherish.

    Locally waste collected includes significant amount of takeaway food wrappers, bags, plastics, cans, glass etc..  Even cigarette butt pollution is becoming a real menace here carpeting beaches, parks, pavements and planted areas. Often at sites just a few feet away from appropriate bins! This was well highlighted by one of our teams on social media. Another campaign is urgently needed there.  Our objectives during Clean up is also to tackle logistically challenging sites such as underwater, boat or abseil access only, as well as chronic hotspots which defy the considerable efforts from cleaning companies and agencies.

    Generally we move forward pressing for more information to our community on litter and facilities, greater monitoring and fines for repeat offenders and the provision of a modern waste plant to cope with the ever growing amount of rubbish produced by an ever larger and developed and populated Gibraltar.

    A report with recommendations will be filed with the Litter Committee and Govt to ensure all issues highlighted are reviewed and improved upon.

    The ESG website will soon be publishing a photographic account of our latest Gibraltar wide Clean up including pictures of teams and type and volume of waste found and removed. Links to the report will be provided on FB etc. Thanks to all volunteers, support services and very importantly our CUTW steering team.  Civic Pride does exist and must be fostered and we shall be engaging in a number of campaigns you will soon be hearing more about.

    Check out our Flickr site for updates on all our past Clean ups!