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  • ESG Protest and CEPSA Report 11th February 2011


    “Reaction to Protest:”

    ESG is delighted with yesterday’s turn-out at the Western Beach Protest. Easily surpassing numbers at previous actions, the group was very encouraged by the support expressed by the crowd as well as the clear commitment given by MEP Graham Watson who vows to seek assistance from Brussels. The ESG believes the presence of the small but determined group on the Spanish side of the border made up of members of the AGADEN and VERDEMAR Spanish environmental groups highlight the cross border nature of this problem and how it affects us all. Let’s hope that all efforts will secure a speedy resolution to this problem.

    “RE CEPSA Campaign”:

    On another important ESG Campaign, the group met with the MEP at Hassan’s law firm hosted by David Dumas QC. The agenda focused on the ongoing battle to clean up the Oil Refinery in the Bay and accelerate compliance with environmental legislation. The MEP presented some very interesting and robust ideas to the team on how matters can be taken further within the European Commission with his continued assistance.  David Dumas also presented some ideas on legal actions.

    These options will now be worked on by the ESG and it is expected that further developments will take place before the summer. This is a situation that requires a sustained campaign. 

    At the meetings conclusion the ESG presented the MEP with a file containing an official complaint to the European Commission on the cross border sewage issue off Western Beach.

    As if to highlight how important it is for the ESG to continue to press for higher environmental safety standards at the petrochemical installation,  only this week La Junta de Andalucía found it necessary to issue a public alert on the serious levels of hydrogen sulphide  found near Guadarranque, a dangerous chemical if present at certain levels. It is likely that the leak came from the Oil Refinery. For the Junta to actually issue an alert one can only guess at how serious the incident must really have been and the ESG intends to investigate this further with colleagues across the border.

    “We shall, as always, inform the community when we have further information”, finished the ESG.