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  • ESG Press Release Sandy Bay Litter 22.05.19

    As Clean up the World organisers, the ESG wish to lend its voice to an issue that has been occurring at one of our local beaches, Sandy Bay, for the past few weekends. Large groups of young people have been heading for this great beach in the hotter weather and clearly enjoying what is the start of the summer season.


    While some are witnessed as being conscientious about their plastic and carton waste, for a large number, it is all left on the beach where the groups have been lying. Not only does this make for an eyesore for the rest of the beach goers, it becomes a major threat to wildlife – an issue that has been widely and clearly documented.


    The ESG has been in touch with Schools, College and Agencies and is grateful for the quick and positive responses from all to help improve the situation.

    We hope that as a community we can all pull together and discourage such behaviour and preserve our open spaces to be enjoyed while at the same time, respecting our environment.


    CUTW- a community wide campaign running now in its 15th year – will take place on the 21st September. There is clearly still work to be done!

    “It may not be cool to care about litter …… but it sure is cool to care about wildlife!”  ESG