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  • ESG Press release Cepsa Oil Refinery Heavy flaring once again 08.08.22

    The ESG shares the alarm expressed around the Bay over the major flaring incident that occurred yesterday evening

    While a mishap at a substation in Pinar del Rey was believed to be the cause of the power failure in Spanish towns, which reportedly was resumed after 20 minutes, the emergency flaring, caused by power failure, did not normalise until close to 3 hours later!!


    Picture supplied courtesy of John Sanchez

    We were advised in our refinery campaigning days that flaring releases untold levels of toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment and must therefore be limited to the shortest possible period. That best practice should see back up power supply at the industry to restore power and limit flaring as quickly as possible, in a matter of minutes.

    Best practice on this occasion, did not prevent the noxious fumes which continued for close to 3 hours yesterday.

    The ESG calls for an official enquiry to be placed by our Government to establish all the facts and to clarify whether emergency power supply is in place at this refinery to limit this extended and dangerous flaring practice, which is a cross border environmental and public health hazard.

    *** Visit Resources Page for access to reports on pollution including Flaring.