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  • ESG on Tap Water and Plastics 29.01.18

    ESG Press Release and Tap Water

    Key words: UK Campaign    Free tap water   EU Plastics Strategy paper   Hunter/Nautilus/GoG   AquaGib

    The ESG regards the news of the nationwide UK campaign of providing free tap water to the public in restaurants and bars as a game changer. This is happening at a time where heightened news coverage globally on the serious effects of plastic waste on the environment is calling for meaningful, widespread measures of this kind. Indeed the UK has only recently been exposed as failing in handling its plastic recycling efficiently choosing instead to export huge volumes to Asia.

    In the last few weeks, the EU has published a detailed paper on the question of plastics (manufacture / consumption / waste treatment) to bring about a change to the present disastrous situation.

    The ESG believes that decisive action to reduce single-use plastic bottles and other items is absolutely essential.

    The idea of providing free drinking water to the public has already been taken up locally by the Hunter Group. This was promoted recently by the Nautilus Project, itself carrying out important awareness campaigns about the harmful effects of plastic waste on marine life.

    AquaGib is also supporting this great idea to help cut back on plastic bottled water and the ESG would like to congratulate the initiative locally and hope this spreads nationwide in Gibraltar too.

    The ESG also welcomes the positive steps taken by HM Govt in partnership with AquaGib to introduce reusable bottles filled with local tap water for the upcoming Island Games.


    Link to EU Paper on Plastics: