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  • ESG PR re NEW realtime Air Quality 15.08.19

    New Air Quality Data


    For over 5 years the ESG has campaigned for the installation of real-time, mobile, air monitoring units in Gibraltar and for the Northwest zone  to be provided with its own real-time air monitor. Last year saw the purchase and installation of a number of AQMesh pods that have since been tried and tested and placed at different locations around the Rock.


    It welcomes the initiative taken by Government this week to publish the live data collected by these pods.

    The group will monitor the data over the next few weeks but would like to share its initial views in light of public interest in this matter.

    It would like to see monitoring of voc’s – volatile organic compounds associated with fuels and paints etc. – added to the pollutants measured by the pods, or, if this is not possible, to set up the necessary equipment at the hotspots.

    It further hopes that in light of the data collected that action plans will be produced and actioned by relevant departments and agencies to reduce pollution in these areas as indicated by the real-time pods.


    This is a turning point and a great opportunity for Gibraltar to effectively target worst polluting sources and apply every measure needed to eliminate these and achieve a cleaner and healthier environment for our community.”


    The public is urged to visit: gibraltarairquality.gi for more information.”