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  • ESG PR re Elderly Care Facility 09.09.20

    The ESG is very disappointed by the fact that the proposed project for the new elderly care home on Bishop Caruana Road has been passed by the DPC. Although the ESG recognises the need for this kind of provision for the elderly, it does not consider that the proposed building is the best solution.

    It considers the project is totally unacceptable for a range of reasons. To begin with the height of the building will significantly diminish the access to light of those other elderly residents living in Bishop Canilla House. This, in our view, must be reviewed.

    The ESG expressed a number of concerns at the DPC meeting itself centering on design, need for holistic plan of entire site, and landscaping at ground floor which is a requirement for all developments under the current development plan.

    Described as a sustainable project the ESG would like to see how this has been evaluated from the sourcing of materials to transporting of these and a full account of how it will meet highest energy rating, an objective the Gibraltar Government is now seeking from all developments.

    We currently have a project that seeks to create a green environment on top of a very tall building in a wind prone location that will also limit space for solar panels, which are envisaged to form part of the plan and its sustainability compliance.

    The ESG holds it own views about trading with China but is focusing only on the environmental aspects here. It believes better designs exist, sourced from countries with a better environmental record than China, without such large transport costs involved, to deliver a more suitable and sustainable facility for our elderly.

    It believes this project is being rushed and that more questions need to be answered. It will be calling on Government to review this development.