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  • ESG pay 2nd visit to New Power Station and LNG site 12.02.18

    ESG Press Release

     At the end of January the ESG team paid another visit to the New Power Station as the project has significantly evolved in the last few months with the arrival of major equipment components.

    The group welcomed the chance to visit all sectors of both the power station and LNG storage facility over a two-hour period accompanied by the GEA and Bouygues top technical team.

    For a place like Gibraltar this major project is certainly impressive on a technical level and seen up close the ESG could fully appreciate the scale of the operation and standards being adopted.

    The group’s long-term interest and concern with the new power station has always been its environmental impact and safety given its location. It was therefore positive to see the various mitigation measures taking shape and the stack monitors and real-time monitoring equipment in place.

    The group welcomes the transparency and time given by all concerned to facilitate these visits, in particular the CEO of the GEA, Michael Caetano and the Minister for the Environment Dr John Cortes. “We look forward to a further visit in the near future when advances regarding monitoring aspects have been completed”, said an ESG spokesperson.