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  • ESG on Ship Emissions 19.07.21

    Best Available Technology and Shipping

    The ESG shares concerns recently expressed in the media about the excessive, and lengthy emissions of thick, black smoke from the vessel FRONT UII, on Saturday 17th July.

    The group awaits news from the Port on what action it will take against such practice by vessels availing themselves of services provided by Gibraltar based companies.

    Irrespective of the length of time of the incident, with more than a few eye witnesses claiming this to be happening for more like 5 minutes, this incident highlights the need for Government to further tighten our regulations in order to raise standards on this 24 hour major industrial activity off our shores.

    The Chief Minister was interviewed just this past Friday and took a question on bunkering. He stated that Gibraltar could fill every anchorage point possible and that the approach should be to ensure that client and supply vessels, ie, local vessels, should be applying best available technology, thus reducing chronic air and noise pollution issues from this industry affecting our community.

    The ESG agrees with the Chief Minister that best available technology, widely applied, is essential in all industrial activity in our hometown as our size demands over and above usual safety and environmental standards. The group adds that this must be supported by strict penalties when this fails.

    We hope, therefore, that vessels such as FRONT UII, and others that have clearly demonstrated far from best practice standards in our waters, will be penalised to ensure that the vision as expressed by the Chief Minister is delivered.