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  • ESG on Power Supply and new Generating Station

    The ESG has long been campaigning for a new power station to be built using the best available technology principles, in order to reduce the high levels of noise and of harmful pollution and to guarantee the reliability of electricity supply in Gibraltar.

    We have for many years been advising that the increased demand for electricity from the new housing estates, some of which have not yet been completed, would be placing a major increase in demand on our ageing power stations, further aggravating the reliability of supply, and the pollution and noise problems from these power stations.

    These three worn out power stations are situated amongst our residential areas and are directly responsible for Gibraltar failing various European Union directives on air quality standards.

    In view of these serious noise and air pollution problems and the demonstrated unreliability of their electricity supply, which will only be aggravated in the very near future due to growing demand, a solution is needed urgently. Adding more engines to increase capacity at the current power stations would only increase noise and pollution at the sites that will further degrade environmental quality.

    The new fully compliant and relocated power station was a GSD manifesto commitment to have been completed at the end of 2010. The ESG would like the GOG to announce if or when it intends to begin construction and to explain the reason for the long delay of this urgently needed project.  “