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  • ESG on Paris Accord and USA action 2nd June 2017

     ESG Comment on USA pulling out of Paris Agreement on Climate Change


    “As environmental campaigners where Climate Change tops our core objectives we naturally see the USA’s pulling out of the Paris Agreement, itself a long awaited and major effort, as sad and shocking, but not surprising, given the sharp U-turn taking place in the States at present on matters of environmental protection and on letting loose the fossil fuel industries.

    Nevertheless it has been heartening to see the rest of the world unite in a resolute manner determined to continue with their efforts to mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change. It is also good to know that despite their announcements the USA will not be able to simply pull out overnight and that therefore the impacts of this baling out may be less drastic than feared.

    It is also enlightening to learn, despite their administration signalling withdrawal, that there are many organisations, groups, businesses and politicians in the US that have committed to following the Paris Accord. This will also help to reduce the effects of President Trump’s regrettable stance and send a message to those in power.


    Locally we must do what we can to also reduce our own impact and live as sustainably as possible.”