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  • ESG on Nuffield Pool Tender

    8th MARCH 2013

    The ESG was surprised to read in the local press of a tender published by the Gibraltar Government for development at the Nuffield Pool site.

    In the GSLP’s manifesto there was no mention of hotels or developments in this area; rather, that the Nuffield Pool would be made available to the local community once this was handed back to the Gibraltar Government by the MoD.

    In this very special part of the Rock the open nature of the area provides a welcome space for residents and visitors alike to appreciate the special coastal environment in relative peace and quiet.

    The ESG would support beautification, replanting and general tidy-up of the area as well as see another GSLP manifesto commitment come to life with the creation of an underwater marine park. Such an attraction and resource would enhance an already beautiful and natural zone which the group believes should be preserved and protected and not see major construction.

    It is hoped that more information will be made available soon and that:-

    • there will be public participation in deciding whether this project goes forward or not as has been the case with other special coastal sites like Rosia Bay;
    • and that Government will follow its open policy to date by sharing plans for its major projects with the DPC