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  • ESG on new Dockyard Lease 26.05.22

    Gibraltar Dockyard under new Lease Announced 25th May 2022

     ESG Press Release

    New Lease for Dockyard for Balaena Propco Limited

    26th May 2022 

    The ESG welcomes the statement released yesterday by the Chief Minister on the renewal of the lease for the Dockyard.

    This renewal has been long awaited and the group notes the various references made in the statement regarding environmental improvements and measures to safeguard surrounding neighbourhoods from dockyard activities going forward. It also welcomes the ‘cold ironing’ facility that will allow vessels to ‘plug in’ and reduce idling at berth, or in dry-dock.

    The ESG has long called for environmental management of the Dockyard emissions to equal those of modern day industry pollution controls.

    The group considers that publication of the lease terms and operating permit would reassure the public of the pollution controls and monitoring measures in place. It should provide details of the enforcement tools available should the new Dockyard operator fail to meet the terms of the new agreement.

    The long-suffering south district residents deserve no less.

    UPDATE:- Government replied Lease that details were being provided on the Parliament Site. You can access link here:-