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  • ESG on LNG Safety Reports – 1st October 2015

    ESG Press Release on LNG
    1st October 2015

    On the 14th of August, the ESG met with the Government to advise them of our concerns regarding the power station and the LNG situation and also regarding the more general community concerns on the non-availability of the promised safety reports. We were assured at that meeting, that our specific recommendations for best available technology (BAT) would be researched and implemented and would be included as a condition on any approval by the DPC. We were also assured that the safety reports were imminent – no more than two weeks away.

    It is now 7 weeks since that meeting and the community is no nearer an understanding of the safety implications of LNG as a fuel and they can be forgiven for believing that their concerns are being ignored.

    Until we can see that an independent and respected agency has issued a safety report that describes the LNG project as acceptable, the ESG, and the community in general, has to assume that the project is too ambitious and too close to residential areas, to be given the green light.
    A smaller operation that catered only for our power station requirements (no bunkering possibilities) and was situated at the detached mole, would probably find it easier to obtain approval with the report-writers and also with the community and certainly with environmentalists.

    With an election also imminent, the safety reports need to be aired in full so that this super-critical community project is transparent and the electorate informed.

    We need to know.

    Please contact Tom Scott at 58009259 for further info