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  • ESG on LNG Bunkering in the media 151018

    ESG on recent Government and Port Statements on LNG


     The ESG has been hearing announcements in the local media about LNG developments in Gibraltar. While not surprised that Government is introducing legislation and talking about Gibraltar as an LNG hub, it is a serious concern to the group that even before operations have started at the new Power Station and new LNG Storage Plant, we are now being told the Port is gearing up to allow barge refuelling of LNG from this site also, despite Government assurances repeatedly given that this facility would only service the Power Station.


    Given the intensive year-long assessment made by the HSE and an EIA produced solely on the basis of the storage facility servicing the Power Station, the ESG cannot understand how the Port is already discussing the very real possibility of using this land based storage facility as a future barge refuelling point.


    Additionally the Port has described LNG barge refuelling as pretty much the same as with any other fuel. The ESG refutes this entirely having read and understood the intricate protocols and safety measures that must be applied whenever an LNG shipment to the storage facility takes place, which, according to Power Station needs, would be twice monthly, at night, and under strict controls and conditions.


    Any change to existing plans must follow an equally rigorous assessment and Government must explain its departure from its original thinking on what this facility was originally designed for and what the public was assured would happen at this site.


    The group plans to follow up on these issues with the relevant departments’.