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    ESG Press Release
    HMS Ambush
    Monday 25th May 2015

    The ESG has received a number of reports from concerned members of the public regarding statements in the Spanish media about problems with the nuclear submarine, HMS Ambush, berthed in Gibraltar.

    According to the Captain of the Port, in a statement made to Mariners via the port website, there has been a 200m exclusion zone around the submarine over the weekend due to the movement of dangerous materials as well as the closure of the southern port entrance.

    The ESG would like to know exactly what these dangerous materials are.

    Significant concerns have been raised across the border as the Spanish press has extrapolated from the Captain’s statement that this could relate to radioactive materials.
    It has also raised some concerns here among our own community, as there has been no news on this at all provided via the local media.

    The ESG calls upon Government to verify precisely what has happened at the port.

    It must be noted that a large LNG Carrier has also been anchoring a few hundred metres from the nuclear submarine adding further to the groups concerns.

    The ESG will be taking up these issues in a meeting it will be having with Government soon.