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  • ESG Press Release on Climate Change, Development and more 18.04.19

    ESG Radio Newsletter April 18th April 2019


    As we enter the long Easter weekend we pause to reflect on some pretty seismic events taking place recently regarding our environment.


    There are protests, for example, going on at present, part of a week long of civic protests held by a group called Extinction Rebellion – a movement that elicits widespread support, mixed with some frustration as people’s day to day lives are disrupted – that is their goal, as is to get arrested and create waves so that this most important, vital issue takes centre stage in our otherwise busy lives.


    The ESG resonated with the recent local youth march up Main Street as we also believe that Gibraltar needs to make this issue centre stage. It occupies the top spot in our wish list, which later focuses on eliminating pollution from our immediate environment and from a number of sources, but issues which are inextricably linked to the production of harmful greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Following the Youth protest and Government Climate Emergency pledge response, the ESG released a detailed statement on this critical issue detailing what, in our view, needs to happen next. You can find this published in various local media as well as on our website: esg-gib.net.


    We recently participated on a Viewpoint debate on GBC on the proposed major new land reclamation project at Coaling Island and offered our views on planning and environmental implications. We have always called for all projects to be transparently and carefully scrutinised and for holistic planning to direct and guide larger proposals. We are told that Gibraltar must grow – but we need to know by how much and at what speed. How does development of the like we have seen in the past few decades, and set to continue, figure in addressing our carbon footprint?


    These and many other questions are being asked by many in the community and is why it is so important for Government to run open meetings where information can be supplied on existing plans and the public have opportunities to ask questions and also provide ideas and information. Let the public debates begin – lets face the difficult questions!


    Over the past few weeks we have seen progressive works and testing of the new Power Station at North Mole Road. This has included checking of urea dosing, a process used to help eliminate emissions from the plant once operational. What you see are plumes of dark orange smoke leaving the stacks for periods of time. We have received assurances from the authorities who have said a statement will be issued shortly to provide further information.


    Next week is DPC once again. Date will be 25th April as from 9.30am at the Charles Hunt Room. Agenda has been published online and found on Town planning website and the public is welcome to attend.ESG