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  • ESG on Bank Holiday Fumes


    6th May 2011

    The ESG would like to advise that it received various calls in the run up and during the last holiday weekend from residents in the Western and north Western part of Gibraltar. With a caller praying for a Levanter that could help eliminate the noxious smells present in the newly constructed Waterport Terraces area, the ESG began to plan for possible air sampling- however, unfortunately, we had received the report once the worst of the smells had passed and so no samples were taken at the time.

    A few days before receiving that call, a Harbour Views resident wrote in absolutely fed up with the resumption of air pollution in the area believed to be caused by bunkering activity as the smells were of a rotten egg quality.

    This highlights two important issues which are of deep concern to the ESG, as well as to many others on the Rock.

    • Air pollution seriously affects one’s quality of life, and quite likely impacts on our health. We would like to provide a new number and contact to be called by the public when affected by pollution from what is suspected to be a port related activity – We urge people to call at the time the pollution is at its worst to ensure accurate detection and follow up.

    New Bunkering Superintendent Mr John Ghio/ New Contact Number 56001652

    The ESG also asks the public to copy the report to us either verbally by telephone on 200-48996 or via email on: esg@gibtelecom.net

    • This resurgence in air pollution from bunkering activity, quite common in warmer temperatures, also raises the likely prospect that rather than facing a future of less pollution in Gibraltar, with Govt pledged support for East Side Bunkering, the chances are that fumes will soon be present in our ambient air regardless of wind direction- ie we shall be getting it from both sides. This is the main reason, along with others, why the ESG is totally opposed to the planned bunkering expansion currently undergoing an EIA


    The group calls on the public to please report pollution issues as they are taking place to the relevant numbers provided to illustrate to Government the frequency and range of the existing problems which should be addressed and controlled and not increased.