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  • ESG Newsletter Radio 17/05/12

    ESG Radio Newsletter

    In this newsletter we shall aim to inform you about various items of environmental news we hope you will find of interest. We would like to start by mentioning the sharp increase in air pollution we are currently experiencing locally due to the balmy weather. It will have been plain to residents close to our power stations that conditions are worsening due to rising temperatures and we have considered it necessary to issue a press release on this issue this week. You can find this in full on our website: esg-gib.net. The ESG will continue to campaign for action on this matter as it remains a top priority with us.

    On planning issues, a reminder to those interested that the next DPC public meeting will take place on the 24th May at 9.30am at the John Mackintosh Hall. For details of the agenda which we understand will contain interesting projects, please visit website: gibraltar.gov.gi/dpc closer to the date when the agenda will be posted by the Town Planners. Remember, the community has long called for transparent planning practices – why not make use of the open planning policy we have today by attending a public session?

    A reminder that a useful number to make a note of is 56001652 –this is for the Bunkering Superintendent for the Port who is happy to take your calls and reports on a 24hr basis if you consider there is a problem with air or sea pollution emanating from a port related activity. Having given this number out a few times this week we thought it useful to remind listeners in case you need to make a similar report yourself sometime – so that’s 56001652. The ESG will soon meet with the Minister for the Port, the new Captain of the Port and various officials to discuss issues of concern to the ESG and its members. More news posted soon!

    Moving on to CUTW news and progress – we are delighted to welcome the return of a Litter Committee on the Rock to review and monitor all aspects of littering in our home town. CUTW goals have been widely published based on countless discussions and debates with community leaders and ESG members. The ESG fully intends to table these goals at Litter Committee sessions also. It has to be said that slowly but surely, these shared goals are slowly coming to fruition but there is still much work to be done. The decision by the Minister for the Environment to revive the Litter Committee, last active nearly 20 years ago, is strongly welcomed as a huge step in the right direction.

    For more details on our CUTW Campaign for 2012 plse refer to our website, news section – that’s esg-gib.net/news.