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  • ESG highlight concerns re 5G applications 21.11.19

    With applications presented to DPC today for the proposed introduction of 5G in Gibraltar the ESG is once again calling for the Precautionary Principle to be followed until such time as exploratory testing results and safety reports held by Gibtelecom have been shared with the public.

    The ESG frequently consulted with both industry and Government during the installation of 3 and 4G and believes that total transparency present at the time was positive and delivered best possible results for all sides.

    The announcement of 5G antennae applications for Gibraltar has come as a surprise. We have been expecting the release of information from industry and Government on safety reports and testing outcomes since the exposition held by Gibtelecom in the Piazza last summer,” said a spokesperson for the ESG.

    Many countries throughout the world are adopting a precautionary approach on 5G, with scientists, medical professionals and politicians demanding safety first and the ESG believes Gibraltar should follow suit. “We are concerned that the telecommunication industry continues to apply dated safety standards on a technology that has grown and changed beyond all recognition and become so much a part of our lives.”

    The ESG is not opposed to progress or to being convinced of the safety of 5G. However we do seek assurances based on independent research and hope this will be forthcoming. Until such time we will remain opposed to its introduction in Gibraltar.”