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  • ESG GibDock ISO and Noise 26th April 2017

    Press Release 25th April 2017

    GibDock and ISO recognition


    The ESG has recently been receiving calls from residents affected by noise pollution from the GibDock facility. On further investigation the group understands that Government and the Environmental Agency are onto this issue in efforts to bring such activity under control, especially at night.


    However, last weekend drew further calls from residents and it appears the activity and problem continues: of excessive noise levels from GibDock keeping people awake at night.


    The group was incredulous to learn, a few days ago, that this same company has only this month been accredited with ISO14001: 2015 for “Quality and Environmental recognition”. Naturally any efforts in improving any work or industrial practice is welcomed but an honest environmental audit into the dockyard activity and impact would have confirmed that noise and air pollution levels can be onerous and carry heavy environmental consequences for neighbouring areas.


    The group will be contacting Lloyds Register and Mabbett, involved in this ISO compliance assessment for GibDock, to check precisely what has been assessed and specifically whether it has examined the impacts from noise and other nuisance which the company continues to cause in the vicinity. We shall also ask with whom they have spoken outside of GibDock to ensure they are producing accurate and verifiable assessments.


    Given the close proximity of residents to GibDock the nature and timing of works carried out by the company must be very carefully managed. Major works should be prohibited at night and all vessels in for servicing must be able to connect to onshore power to eliminate noise and air pollution from running of engines at berth. Best available technology and practice under ISO should also, in our view, direct the facility to limit pollutants, from sand blasting and the painting of vessels and hulls, from crossing the fence line and entering adjacent neighbourhoods.


    If Lloyds and Mabbett have not assessed these core functionalities of the dockyard in terms of environmental impact under ISO, then improved waste segregation and use of LED lighting and solar panels stated in the media, welcome though they are, as a gauge of the company’s environmental impacts, is merely window dressing.


    The ESG has approached GibDock in the past on noise and air pollution with no response from the company and will continue to monitor this issue closely.


    (See full article re ISO compliance here:

    Gibdock secures Quality and Environmental recognition