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    ESG Press Release
    Dated 20th December 2012


    The ESG has been following up the issue of ongoing sewage discharge into Western Beach area with the European Commission. The EC advises they are following up the matter with the Spanish authorities who claim they no longer discharge sewage into this area from as far back as December 2011.

    The ESG has corrected this misinformation from Spain by sending evidence from the local Environmental Agency’s water sampling records to the EC. The data clearly confirms the continued presence of illegal levels of sewage in Western Beach waters outside of the bathing season period.

    The group spoke to Sir Graham Watson last week who, back from attending the Climate Change talks in Qatar, was already knocking on doors in Brussels on this issue.
    The ESG believes this issue must be resolved before the next bathing season in 2013 and will do whatever it can to help bring about this outcome.