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  • ESG Election 2011 Wish List

    ESG Press Release 18th May 2011


     The ESG has published an environmental wish list at every election that has taken place since the group was formed. For the upcoming election we have decided to once again put forward our key areas and recommended solutions on a 2011 Wish List in the hope that all parties standing for election will give this due consideration.

    Headings which form part of our list include:  Climate Change, Energy, Pollution, Traffic, Recycling, Bunkering, Sewage Treatment, Conservation, Planning, EAMP, Cross Border issues and Epidemiological Studies.

    The ESG has sent a copy of the wish list to all political parties and to the local media.

    Should any party wish to meet with us to discuss these issues further we shall be only too pleased to accept.

    ESG Committee May 2011