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  • ESG delighted re Sewage Treatment Progress 30.01.18

    ESG Press Release

    Sewage Treatment Plant announcement

    Key words: Sewage Treatment Plant   Reference to ESG objectives on this issue


    The ESG is obviously delighted to hear today’s announcement regarding the awarding of the contract for our much needed Sewage Treatment Plant.

    It has been a core objective of the group and we have lobbied for this for over 15 years following the matter very closely. (see below for link to our list of objectives dated 2017 and Section on Sewage Treatment)

    We look forward to discussing this further with the Minister for the Environment and his team and will be interested to learn more details about the project.




    “9. SEWAGE TREATMENT – this project saw a tender awarded in early 2015 but has not progressed since. It is not acceptable that we continue to dump our sewage into the sea and is also illegal under EU law. It also weakens our case to fight Western Beach sewage. The ESG will be campaigning to see construction for this facility confirmed and started during 2017

    We advocate for anaerobic digestion process to be included in the new treatment facility, aiding in odour reduction and converting waste to heat very efficiently”