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  • ESG concerns re Campo ACERINOX fire 170117

    ESG noted with some alarm the voluminous clouds of thick black smoke leaving the Acerinox complex last week. Alongside Spanish groups, it further notes there was an absence of comments by any authority, or helpful feedback from emergency numbers provided. Moreover, no statement has been forthcoming from the company itself.


    The ESG believes that this is not the way for an industry to behave in this day and age when a factual and transparent announcement, stating cause and composition of fire, is the least all Bay citizens deserve. Prevalent winds sent this cloud throughout the Campo area and towards Gibraltar so we were all affected.


    It is unacceptable for silence to follow such an incident, which, though brief, had such a widespread and cross border range. The ESG will include this incident with others being assembled in a dossier for EU purposes.


    Thick Smoke at Acerinox Jan 2017