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  • ESG Climate Change and Petition 22.05.19

    21st May 2019

    The ESG recently held a public meeting to debate the issue of climate change and Gibraltar’s role within it. Key environmental concerns on pollution and its various sources and relation to climate change were discussed and a presentation was given by the ESG on the group’s historic and current work.

    The group will once again be supporting the 2nd youth protest for action on climate change this Friday and, as agreed at its public meeting, will be collecting signatures on the day for a Petition to all parties in parliament.

    This direct petition to parliament will call for the house to endorse the following three items:

    • an independent body to be set up with a mandate and timeframe to roll out a climate change action plan to fulfill Government’s stated carbon reducing targets
    • cross party support and
    • funding

    The next ESG public meeting will be held very soon with a date to be announced in the media.