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  • ESG calls for clarification on STS LNG Transfers 20-03-15

    The ESG draws attention to on-going LNG discussions in Gibraltar with concerns made to the group today of a potential ship to ship LNG transfer to be permitted by the Gibraltar Port Authority from vessels presently in the Bay.

    While the group understands this particular transfer will not be carried out until the right weather conditions are in place, this activity nevertheless raises questions that the group believes need to be answered by the authorities.

    •  Does Gibraltar have the necessary equipment and expertise to respond to an accident emanating from a ship-to-ship LNG transfer, however remote the possibility?
    •  What are the minimum safety procedures required by the Gibraltar Port Authority in this situation and is there a relevant safety compliance certificate issued and by whom?
    •  If, as has been advised to the group on its enquiries, the emptied LNG vessel is to be dry-docked, can the authorities confirm that this will be in Gibraltar and can assurances be given publicly that this does not pose any safety risks.