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  • ESG calls for change to release of balloons on National Day 14/08/15

    ESG Press Release
    National Day Balloons
    14th August 2015

    The ESG adds its voice to the GONHS on National Day balloons and also calls upon Government and National Day organisers to find an alternative to the release of thousands of pieces of litter as a major and symbolic part of the day’s celebrations. With its CUTW hat on the group urges Gibraltar to stop a practice, which is contributing to an already serious threat facing wildlife, particularly in the world’s oceans, from litter and pollution.

    Each year the group has met with Government and raised the matter discussing alternatives, which could and should replace this unnecessarily harmful practice. Gibraltar’s “island” nature means the majority of our released balloons quickly find their way to open water and out of sight with the on-going impact on the environment continuing long after they have gone.

    National Day is a very important day in Gibraltar’s calendar and should not be marred by this simply because it is what has happened since celebrations began. The ESG agrees with the GONHS statement that growing awareness and evidence-based knowledge of the actual impact on wildlife from such balloon releases should persuade many in the community that a non-environmentally harmful alternative should be in place and found quickly.

    The ESG urges the public to support a change in this practice.

    See: http://balloonsblow.org
    www.rspca.org.uk Don’t Let Go Campaign